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Things Dogs Can Teach Humans

Things Dogs Can Teach Humans

What Can You Learn from a Dog?

Dogs are interesting creatures - the love and companionship that they show us never ceases to amaze me. And if you want and consider your dog carefully - there are many things they can teach you.

What Dogs Can Teach You

1. Be direct with people- if you are happy - let it show

2. Always leave room in your schedule for a nap

3. Always give people a friendly greeting

4. Don't ever leave home without your ID

5. A real kiss is always sloppy and wet

6. Always take time to smell the roses (and trees, rocks, grass, fire hydrants, plants… .)

7. If you stare at someone long enough - you'll get some sort of attention

8. Be careful where you put your tongue

9. Sleep in any position you find comfortable (gosh - dogs really do that don't they?)
10.Scratch where it itches (we have to be so polite - but dogs never care!)
and… .

11. Play every chance you get (now THERE'S some good advice!)

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